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Our Way of Saying Thanks...

We have learned a lot from the web.... And, as our way of saying THANKS to the many people who have contributed to our knowledge, we want to give something back to the web!

The links below will take you to some of the tools we have developed and used in creating web sites. We hope that you will find them as useful as we have.

FREE E-MAIL GRAPHICS:   While searching the web for a particular animated email graphic for a customer, we came across many other email graphics. Presented here is the largest collection of FREE E-Mail Graphics on the web!!  We have Over 400 animated E-Mail graphics and over 200 non-animated E-Mail graphics.  And, it's still growing...
216 COLOR CHART:   16 millions colors... and they never seem to look the same on different computers!!!!

"...216 colors that the browser uses in its palette. By using these colors on your web pages you can be assured that the viewer will see your images exactly as you intended."
-Quote from David Siegelís book "Creating Killer Web Sites"
They have identified 216 colors that are guaranteed to look the same no matter what computer -- PC, MAC, laptop, whatever! Here is everything you ever wanted to know about these 216 colors...

SECURITY HUMOR:   You figure it out...

YOU'VE BEEN PINGED:   Ping Defined, Ping Examples, Ping Stories, and more...

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